Grow & Retain Your Customers With A Magnetic Service Strategy

Your customers hear competitors’ voices in their heads daily. How do you remain top of mind of these voices?  My name is Jennifer Orode. And I’m determined to help you get your customers (or clients) to become repeat buyers. Increase your customer retention poll. And grow your business revenue using a specially designed framework for you.

Who Is Jennifer Orode?

I’m a customer service expert and business growth coach. Also, the founder of Ingenium Concepts Ltd. Over 15 years, I have specialized in the business of the customer and  helping businesses  I have worked with to create a good customer service structure.

Not only that, I have used this same expertise in my 3DE framework to grow 3 of my businesses (in different industries).

Want to work with me?

Does This Sound Like You?

Then welcome to the last stop of this challenging journey for your business.

How I Can Help You

I’m here to help you in these areas using my 15+ years of experience working with teams and business owners with a productive framework in….

Customer Service Centric Training

Your employees are your pioneer customers, your first advocate. However, do they align and understand your business vision? How well do they market your solution and engage with customers? Want them to get this right? This is a good fit.

Also available for individual career growth in customer service.

Business Coaching

Want to get on a one-hour Q&A Coaching Call with me or a Group Coaching Call to help with immediate strategies to implement for your business growth?

Entrepreneurial Training

Starting out in business can be a tough one especially with poor customer service structure. Looking for help with this? Want your customers to become loyal fans of your business?

Also available for personal brands who want to have the right structure to retain customers.

Special Consultation

(Event Speaking)

Looking for a grounded customer service expert to speak at your event or training? Launching a startup and need help to set the perfect customer service structure? You can schedule a call here today.

Clients Who Love My Awesome Service Delivery

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How efficient is your current customer retention structure? Use the FREE ebook on 25 Effective Customer Retention Checklist below, to evaluate your structure.

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