To business owners who want continuous deals from a single customer.

Discover How This Top Customer Service Consultant Is Helping Businesses BOOST Their Customer Service & Retention — Growing Their Customer Base To Hundreds Of Loyal Fans…

Dear Business Owner,

Ever had a drastic fall in your customer base?…
Without being able to figure out the cause.
Or maybe you want loyal customer reviews – even without asking for it.
Ok. How about creating a system that gives your customers – consistent quality treatment, no matter the staff on board?

Now, If any of the above describes you— this is going to be the best read to take your business to the level you’ve never imagined.
Now, let’s face it — You won’t be in business if you run out of customers.
Worse still, your business will fold up if you get negative feedback (or words) from your customers.

Maybe you don’t understand how poor customer service can go viral.

Let me walk you through it…

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Now, this has tarnished the reputation of brands.
And bouncing back is not always easy.
Tell me, how many chances are you willing to take if this happens?
Your time? Your money? And the image built over the years.
The sad truth is — this might just be a single mistake of an employee, not following up with a raised ticket.
But “who cares?” in the voice of your customer.
Once there’s an issue… They see it as an error in your business.
And the worse you can do is — fire that employee.
But tell me, whose business becomes a mess?
Yours. So you need to fix this fast as the owner of the business.
Because this will go a long way to affect the growth of your business.
Now, here’s it…

Would you be open to allowing me to work with you– to introduce my productive 3DE framework for customer service & retention?

Now, this isn’t like what you’ve seen (or done) before.
It isn’t you sending your team for some training. NO!
This is me working with you using my 3DE approach to growing businesses — providing a unique customer service framework for you.
This framework has helped me generate huge profits for 3 of my businesses and the businesses I have worked with, in the last 15 years.
Now, introducing…

Customer Retention Signature Program

12 weeks Done With You Customer Retention Program — Using my proven "3DE Framework"

With this 3DE framework –
We’ll work together to…


This is where I’ll walk you through towards identifying yourself as the entrepreneur.

And also help you review the mission and vision of your business.


In this stage, I'll help you look into your ideal customer and align the vision of your business to suit them. Here’s it– if you don’t know who you serve, you might miss out on how to get them satisfied.

After discovering your ideal customer and how your business will satisfy them.

We’ll then map out strategic planning on how to give these customers optimal service delivery.


Now, this is the development stage. Where we’ll create a structure that works with your ideal customer.

We’ll research your market. Develop a customer service culture that suits your business and plan out the structure for it to be accessible by your team.

Also, we’ll work on your sales strategy and how you can serve your customers with this newly developed strategy. This will involve selling your solution to them in a way that stands out.


At this stage, we’ll launch the strategies and structures we have developed. This is the implementation stage where you test this new solution on your customers.

Then we‘ll track its performance. The response of your customers to this newly developed solution.

And then encourage them with other appealing benefits to taking up this solution.

We’ll be testing out the structure… monitoring customers' responses, and working with the feedback we get from our ideal customer fit.

This will help us understand the existing desires your customers long for.

But Wait! There’s More…

Because I want you to get so much value from this program,
I have added these special offers worth over $500 for FREE…

Special Offer 1

Additional 4 weeks Monitoring Process
Yes, I’m doing this because I don't want to leave you hanging. I want to be sure you don't detail from the documented structure and also help you double down on what’s working. During this period, you can book a FREE Question and Answer session to update me on your discovery as well.

Special Offer 2

A done with you structure — documented as a guide for you and your employees
This will help you refer to the structure developed and also set the pace for old and new employees to follow.

Special Offer 3

Implementation Materials
You’ll get 10 worksheets to check your progress on each stage.

This will help you with all the resources you need in all stages of this framework. With this, you can mark your progress in implementing this framework.

Special Offer 4

Additional resources for your support.

A FREE eBook on the 25 most effective customer retention checklists for business growth.

Special Offer 5

Closed support group for business owners where you can ask questions and get help from me, and others so we all grow together.

Special Offer 6

Weekly Coaching Calls During The Program.

During the 8 weeks of this program, we’ll have weekly calls to discuss more on what you’re woking on. Your feedbacks and progress made in the implementation of your assigned task.

Special Offer 7

Dedicated Team Support.

You’ll also have the support of my experienced team members to answer to your needs also — when you need help at any point in the course of your engagement. So this is going to be a smooth learning process for you.

Or pay into the account below at ₦610/USD
Ingenium Concepts Ltd
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By The End Of This Whole Program, — Here’s What You Should Expect To See

A Designed Customer Service Structure

We develop this from the 3DE framework. Because this will help you align and design a custom fit service for your business that will boost your chances of getting more customers to do more business with you.

How To Track Your Business Performance (From the developed structure)

You should be able to qualify the performance of each stage of this framework and see how it helps position your business in front of your customers.

You’ll have an edge over your competitors because you must have had an in-depth knowledge of your customers.

Monitor Customers Response

You’ll learn how to monitor your customers' reactions to any service policy you create for your business.
And how best to structure it to avoid scaring your customers away.

Now, Meet Your Consultant For This program

My name is Jennifer Ingenium.
I’m a customer service expert and business growth coach.
Also, the founder of Ingenium Concepts Ltd.
And over 15 years, I have been in the customer service unit helping businesses I have worked with to create a good customer service structure.
Not only that, I have used this same expertise in my 3DE framework to grow 3 of my businesses (in different industries).
So here’s what I do — I help these businesses come up with structures that will appeal to the response of their customers.
With this, they have a strong service magnet that keeps their customers coming back for more.
Then, I’ll show them how to track these performances and double up on what’s working.
And now, I’m launching a global campaign to help 10 businesses restructure their positioning to their customers.

What Is Your Investment For This
“More For Less” Offer?

Now there’s going to be so much work to be done here.
This is because this framework requires me to help you rediscover your business.
Set out your vision to align with the ideal customer you want to serve.
Then we move over to developing a strategy that works and the execution.
Plus, the monitoring of your business for 4 weeks after this program to be sure you get results for your money.
You see when I help businesses execute this framework…
I do a commission-based agreement. Plus, a consultation fee of $1000.
But in this case, it is different…
I am going to make it a fair deal for the serious-minded and decisive business owners.
So if you’re ready to get started as one of the 10 business owners I’d be working with for this quarter…
Then you can make a subsidized investment of $500.
And unlike others, You Save $500 ( that's 50% off) the normal price.
This will cover just the resources and implementation templates to help me work with you.
And I’m sure you will refer me to other business owners or sign up for other business training I have...when you get results from this.
So what are you waiting for? Grab the more for less offer today by signing up with the button below.

But, Here’s To Sweeten The Deal…

Here’s an Early Bird Offer (open for only 5 days).

So for the next 5 days after the launch of this program– I am going to offer a 40% discount on this.

This means you can get this for $300 today and save $200.


And once the timer hits zero, we’d go back to the $500.

Sounds fair enough?

So what are you waiting for? 

Grab this “more for less” offer today by signing up with the button below.

Or pay into the account below at ₦610/USD
Ingenium Concepts Ltd
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I'm Afraid…

I can only take in 10 business owners while this offer is up.
Because I want to serve you all with total participation even at a subsidized price and not work myself up.
So, do not sleep on this.
Because I’m afraid you’d have to wait till the next time I launch this kind of offer. And I can’t guarantee it’s going to be up for this same price.
Because I also have other businesses who pay for this consultation at the standard price I have put in place...
And this price will affect my service fee.
So, I can only do this to lift 10 business owners in 3 months from now.
Tell me… are you going to be among the few?
If so, hurry and sign up with the button below.

Or pay into the account below at ₦610/USD
Ingenium Concepts Ltd
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Still On The Fence?

Okay, here's it.

This program runs for 12 weeks.

And let's say you divide it by 3— so you have 4 weeks for each month.

Your investment is only $167 for a month (4weeks)... out in a 12-weeks program.

Okay, you’ll be investing $167 for a month.

And the proven structure you're going to get from this program can make you thousands of dollars…

Depending on the capacity your business operates.

So you see… the cost of this service is so negligible compared to what you're getting.

In fact, you're getting this for a steal compared to the offer.

This is why I can only accept 10 ready business owners.

If this is you, then join in before this offer closes.

Go ahead and sign up using the button below.

Or pay into the account below at ₦610/USD
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The program will be a group virtual session at specific weekly time intervals.

I will lead you with the 3DE framework. Walk you through weekly task to implement for your business.

And together, we’ll have individual feedback review on the implemented strategies.

  1. This is a done-with-you structure for customer retention. This structure is designed to help you specially based on the industry you fit into.

    With this, you’ll have practical strategies that can boost your customer service and retention.

    The best part of this is — it’s result-driven as it projects immediate improvement on your business.


  1. Plus, you’ll get a feedback session with me to check on the progress made.

Yes. You will have access to contact me during this period, even aside from the session (while implementing this stage).

Yes. That’s why it’s a dynamic framework, making it suitable for your business– irrespective of the industry.

Yes it is. But, there’s an allocated time for a one-to-one review of assigned tasks and implementation strategies for individual business owners. 

Also, we’ll have between 6 to 8 review sessions within the duration of this course – So you’re not left hanging on the next step to take.

Or pay into the account below at ₦610/USD
Ingenium Concepts Ltd
Providus bank


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