About Me

If you want customers to become a fan of your business or you want to speak in the language they understand and stay top of their minds … Then I am the first consultant you’d love to work with.

My name is Jennifer Orode.

And I’m a certified international customer service expert and business coach with 15+ years of experience creating customer-centric service strategies for business practices across industries.

My passion for business growth and the belief that a customer/client is the most important factor for any business success has led to the quality of my coaching and service delivery.

Also, I’m not only experienced in what I do but also academically qualified as I hold a master’s degree in business administration from Coventry University, UK.

I have also attended several professional trainings, some of which I have contributed my industry knowledge and expertise.

And I am also a key member of different bodies such as the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM), Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK, National Customers Service Association US (NCSA), and others.

I also sit on the board of organizations that cut across various industries and sectors; Astute Capital Management Limited, Astute Professionals Limited, Maintenance Culture Limited, Astucieux Travels & Tours, and others.

All my interactions with various organizations I have built and managed over the years have contributed to my wealth of experience in the business world.

Now, in my determination to transfer my knowledge and expertise to a large audience, I started Ingenium Concepts Ltd, a business advisory firm to help refine the culture of customer experience in businesses.

And empower them with the best customer service and retention strategies for growth and peak performance.


To help businesses scale by transforming their customer service experience — thereby creating huge income for businesses while becoming a globally sought-after African Entrepreneurial and Customer Service Expert.


On a journey of using my knowledge, expertise, and training as a tool to inspire excellence and change the narrative of business growth impeded by bad customer experience.

Core Values


The bedrock for genuine excellence in service and business.


Committed to investing in learning/values in order to create meaningful impact.

Wealth Creation

Passionate about business growth and, for all related stakeholders.


The force behind creating impact and the change we want to see.

Philosophy (G.I.V.E)


Helping you to become more and giving real depth to your business.


Helping you achieve real transformation.


Realising the real potential of your business.


Bringing onboard best practices for business growth.

Sneak Peak On The Story Behind Ingenium Concepts Limited

Businesses exist solely because businesses exist; The Customer. We are about the business of the customer and helping businesses become the business of the customer (Customer centric).

You see… you won’t be in business if you run out of customers.

And having worked with Teams, Developed and Consulted for businesses — I have seen lots of weak strategies and structuring for customer management. Not having a business growth structure is a structure in itself( Failure).

Most businesses are after customer acquisition (hopefully the right acquisition) but are getting it even wrong when it comes to customer service and retention.

Now here’s the shocking part…

According to research, a minimum of 5% improvement in your customer retention will bring about a 25-95% increase in your business profit.

So fixing your customer retention strategy guarantees a high chance of getting more customers advocating for your business thereby growing revenue and creating wealth.

Having discovered all these…

This led to the birth of Ingenium Concept Ltd — Where I work with a team to help decisive and long-term focus business owners get a lifetime value from their customers.

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