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The 4 Proven Steps I Use In Retaining 75% Of My Customers And Also Do The Same For Other Business Owners.

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And NO! This has nothing to do with the usual customer retention strategies you are used to. In fact, these strategies will totally blow your mind.

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Existing Entrepreneurs

You’ll discover the real transformation for your customers and see how you can build a customer-centric brand.

Startups (NEWBIE)

You’ll discover how to present your business mission & vision.

Also, create a design-fit culture for your ideal customers to help you generate huge revenue starting out.


Who want to develop their skills in customer service and retention.

Meet Your Host For The Webinar

My name is Jennifer Orode.

I’m the founder of Ingenium Concepts Ltd. 

Over 15years, I have been in the customer service line helping businesses. I have worked with them to create a good customer service structure.

Not only that, I have used this same expertise in my 3DE framework to grow 3 of my personal businesses.

So here’s what I do — I help these businesses come up with structures that will appeal to the Needs, Emotions and response of their customers.

With this, they have a strong service magnet that keeps their customers coming back for more.

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